Sade: A Unique Voice That Cannot Be Categorized
Sade (pronounced "shah-day") is the stage name of Helen Folasade Adu, a British-Nigerian singer, songwriter, and actress.
She first gained fame in the 1980s as the frontwoman of the band Sade, which she formed in London in 1982.
The band's debut album, "Diamond Life," was released in 1984 and featured the hit single "Smooth Operator." The album was a commercial success and established Sade as a major figure in the contemporary R&B and smooth jazz genres.
Sade and her band have released six studio albums throughout the years and are known for their smooth and soulful sound. They have sold over 50 million records worldwide and have won four Grammy Awards.
Sade's voice, characterized by its distinctive, husky timbre and emotional expressiveness, has been praised by critics and has influenced many other singers.
Sade herself is known for her private nature and has rarely given interviews or made public appearances throughout her career. However, her music continues to be popular and has been covered and sampled by many other artists.